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    FAQs - Carport Kits

    Building your own freestanding carport is made considerably easier with our DIY carport kits. Each kit comes with all the necessary components, including sturdy polycarbonate roof panels and a powder-coated aluminium frame designed for durability and long-term use. The provided instruction manual guides you through the installation process, and you can choose between embedding the posts into the ground or securing them on a concrete slab using our base plates. With just basic DIY skills, you can create a robust shelter for your vehicle that can withstand winds of up to 90km/h.

    Polycarbonate roofing stands out for carports due to its exceptional durability and protection against the elements. Unlike some materials, polycarbonate is highly effective at resisting UV rays, which not only protects your vehicle but also ensures the longevity of the roof panels themselves. The robustness of our polycarbonate roof panels, combined with their wind resistance of up to 90km/h, makes them an excellent choice for carport construction, providing a clear advantage over other roofing options.

    Our DIY double carport kits offer several benefits compared to custom-built solutions. Firstly, they are more cost-effective as they eliminate the need for professional construction services. Secondly, our kits are designed for ease of assembly, allowing you to set up your carport with minimal effort. Additionally, the ability to join multiple carports together enables you to customise the size of your parking space as needed. With the high-quality materials used, such as powder-coated aluminium frames and polycarbonate roof panels, our DIY kits provide durability and aesthetic appeal comparable to custom carports.

    Yes, you can install one of our carport kits on your driveway. If you choose to mount it on a concrete slab, our base plates make the process straightforward. For a secure installation, it's essential that the concrete slab is of adequate thickness and strength to support the carport structure. As for the depth of the footings when embedding the posts, we recommend a minimum depth of 530mm to ensure stability and resistance to wind pressures of up to 90km/h.

    Absolutely! One of the unique features of our carport collection is the ability to join multiple carports together. This modular design allows you to create a larger parking space to accommodate additional vehicles or to provide extra coverage for outdoor activities. The seamless integration ensures that the extension looks intentional, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property while offering practical benefits.

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