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    Give your dogs a safe and comfortable outdoor space with our galvanized dog kennels and runs. Perfect for dogs who love to roam and families with multiple pets. With robust frames and ample space, these runs provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment for your dogs.

    Shop Medium Size Dog Run - 3x3x2.3m

    One of our customers shares their experience: 
    "Great size for our 2 medium breed dogs. Good quality and the tarp roof is heavy dury compared to others we considered buying. Took a couple of days to assemble and will probably add more zip ties to tarp roof and the fencing walls to make more secure. Really happy with it and Bear & Skyla apoear to be getting used to it." 

    FAQs - Dog Runs

    The cage is made of high-quality galvanised metal to minimize rust, with round-edged corners for safety. It features a heavy-duty hinge, a simple locking system, and medium-sized mesh to prevent pets from getting caught.

    Consider the size and activity level of your pet when choosing the right dimensions for your dog run. A larger space is generally better to ensure your dog can enjoy their time outside without feeling restricted.

    Yes, assembly is required for the galvanized dog runs, but they come with clear instructions and all necessary hardware for easy setup.

    We provide a 12-month warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Our mesh cages provide ample space for walking and roaming, while the roof offers weather protection. The sturdy construction ensures safety and security for your pets.

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