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    FAQs - Side Awnings

    Retractable privacy screens are an excellent investment for those looking to create a secluded haven in their garden or patio. Not only do they provide an instant barrier against prying eyes, but they are also versatile in their functionality. Our range, starting from just $109.99, offers the convenience of automatic roll-back, allowing you to enjoy open space or privacy at your leisure. Plus, the robust 180g/m2 polyester fabric ensures durability, making them a cost-effective solution for outdoor privacy.

    Our retractable side awnings are crafted with high-quality 180g/m2 polyester fabric, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient barrier for your outdoor areas. This fabric not only offers excellent privacy but also provides a shield against light wind, making your outdoor experiences more comfortable. Available in elegant colours such as Black, Grey, and Beige, these awnings add a touch of sophistication to any space, blending seamlessly with a variety of outdoor decors.

    Our double side awnings, starting from $258.99, are designed not only to enhance privacy but also to act as a protective barrier against moderate winds. The sturdy construction and quality fabric help to reduce wind impact, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even on breezy days. This makes our double side awnings a versatile addition to any garden or terrace, offering both seclusion and shelter.

    Our retractable side awnings feature an automatic roll-back function that makes them incredibly user-friendly. With minimal effort, you can extend or retract the screen to suit your needs. Maintenance is just as straightforward – the durable polyester fabric is easy to clean and designed for longevity, ensuring your awning remains in top condition with minimal upkeep.

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