Chicken Runs

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    8 products

    These spacious chicken coops provide the room they need to strut, peck, and nest in comfort. With generous dimensions, your chickens get the freedom to live naturally, which is key to their happiness and egg production.

    The robust hot-dip galvanized steel frame and sturdy wire mesh ensure your coop withstands the test of time and weather all seasons without a hitch.

    Easily walk in to feed your brood, gather eggs, or just enjoy some time with your chirpy companions, all without any hassle.

    In addition to their practicality and durability, our walk-in chicken runs are also easy to assemble and maintain. With clear instructions and simple construction, you'll have your new run set up and ready for your chickens in no time.

    While chickens thrive in them, these runs are also ideal for ducks or any small pets that deserve a safe outdoor area. They're not just coops; they're versatile sanctuaries for your feathered or furry families.

    Embrace the timeless joy of poultry keeping with these cleverly designed, secure, and comfortable coops – true backyard havens for your flocks.

    FAQs - Chicken Runs

    Investing in a walk-in chicken run offers numerous benefits for your feathered friends. Not only does it provide a secure environment to protect your chickens from predators, but it also allows ample space for them to roam, ensuring they get exercise and enjoy a higher quality of life. Our walk-in chicken runs, available in various sizes such as 3x2m, 4x3m, 6x3m, and 8x3m, cater to different flock sizes and garden spaces. The galvanised thick steel pipe construction and solid, durable wire mesh ensure longevity and resilience against the elements.

    Our chicken runs are designed with both the safety of your chickens and the convenience for you in mind. Built from galvanised thick steel pipe, our runs promise sturdiness and resistance to rust. The solid and durable wire mesh is meticulously crafted to keep predators out while providing ventilation. Moreover, each run comes with a UV and water-resistant cover, safeguarding your poultry from harsh weather conditions. The easy setup process is a bonus, allowing you to assemble the run with minimum fuss.

    Selecting the right size for your chicken run is critical. You'll want to consider the number of chickens you have and the space you can dedicate in your garden. Our collection ranges from a compact 3x2m to a spacious 8x3m, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every need. Setting up is straightforward, and you can customize the layout to include the best flooring for your chickens, such as sand, straw, or wood chips, to maintain hygiene and comfort.

    Gravel is indeed an option for chicken run flooring. It's excellent for drainage and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for many poultry keepers. However, it's essential to choose the right type of gravel – pea gravel is often recommended due to its size and smoothness, which are gentle on chickens' feet. Remember to consider other flooring alternatives that may be more suitable for your specific setup and region.

    When setting up your chicken run, it's crucial to avoid materials that could harm your chickens or impede the functionality of the run. Avoid using toxic plants or materials that can be easily dug through by predators. Additionally, steer clear from sharp objects that could injure your chickens or small mesh that could trap their feet. Our runs are designed with safety in mind, using materials that promote the wellbeing of your chickens while keeping maintenance straightforward for you.

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