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    2 products

    Our window door canopy awning is thoughtfully designed with Bayer® 2mm PC polycarbonate panels - a material lauded for its impact resistance, eco-friendliness, and UV-resistance. These clear panels allow in the essential natural light while providing you the necessary element protection, keeping your entrance light-flooded and inviting.

    The sturdy zero-maintenance aluminium frame, finished with an AKZO Powder Coat, adds an impressive touch of durability and elegance. Plus, the built-in gutter and downpipe control rain runoff, so you don't have to worry about monsoon downpours creating a waterfall at your entryway.

    With seamless integration, impactful resistance, and superior quality, our door canopy awning is guaranteed to offer full value for your money and elevate the beauty of your home. Experience the difference with our door canopy awning today!

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