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    Discover the art of outdoor cooking with our Luxi Living Kamado Grills Collection. These versatile grills are perfect for everything from slow-cooked brisket to classic steaks.

    Our Kamado grills offer excellent heat control, allowing you to sear, roast, grill, and smoke with precision. With convenient flip-down sides for utensils and ingredients, you can stay at your grill without missing a beat.

    Crafted from durable, weather-resistant ceramic, our Kamado grills are built to last. Explore our collection today and take your outdoor cooking to the next level.

    FAQs - Kamados

    • The Kamado is self-cleaning. Heat it up to 260ºC for 30 minutes and it will scorch off all of the food and debris.

    • DO NOT use water or any other type of cleaning product to clean the inside of your Kamado. The walls are porous and will absorb any fluids used, this could cause the Kamado to crack. If the soot becomes excessive then use a wire brush or the ash tool (not supplied) to scrape off the carbon remnants before the next use.

    • To clean the grills and grates use a non-abrasive cleaner once the unit has fully cooled.

    • To clean the outer surface wait until the Kamado is cool and use a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

    13'' kamado :1 rack of ribs / 2 steaks / 3 burgers / 8-pound turkey

    15'' kamado:2 rack of ribs vertically / 3 steaks / 5 burgers / 10-pound turkey

    16'' kamado:2 rack of ribs vertically / 3 steaks / 5 burgers / 10-pound turkey

    18'' kamado:5 rack of ribs vertically / 5 steaks / 8 burgers / 13-pound turkey

    21'' kamado:10 rack of ribs vertically / 9 steaks / 14 burgers / 18-pound turkey

    24'' kamado:12 rack of ribs vertically / 12 steaks / 16 burgers / 20-pound turkey

    Kamados have a cooking temperature range from 110℃ to 370℃, which makes them versatile for many different types of food. They also retain heat better than traditional charcoal grills, which means they are more fuel-efficient and can cook for longer periods without the need to refuel. Kamados are also weather-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the rain or snow stopping your grilling session!

    Kamado flashback is a sudden burst of flames caused by oxygen entering the grilling chamber when the lid is opened. To prevent this from happening, it is important to “burp” your kamado before opening the lid. To do this, open the bottom vent and then slowly lift the lid an inch or two and allow air to circulate inside the grilling chamber for about 10 seconds. After the oxygen has had time to enter the grill, you can safely open the lid.

    To adjust the temperature in your kamado, adjust the bottom vent first. Start by opening the bottom vent wide and then slide it almost closed once you’re close to your desired temperature. Then, adjust the top vent if needed. To increase the temperature, open the bottom vent a bit more. To decrease the temperature, close the bottom vent.

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