Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall

SKU: PO19647-2
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall
Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall

Baltic Wall Mounted Pergola Shutter Wall

SKU: PO19647-2
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Shut out peeping neighbours, blustering winds and bright summer rays with a Louvre Aluminium Shutter Wall.

Adding shelter, shade and privacy to your backyard is simple. The louvre shutter wall can be easily installed to your Living Culture Louvre Roof system to help create both a private and protected outdoor living space.

 The shutter wall fits seamlessly onto  our Baltic Wall Mounted Aluminium Pergolas

Utilise your backyard all year round and add a Louvre Shutter Wall to your Luxi Living Louvre Roof System today!

For more important on our installation options, please get in touch with our team today.


  • Add privacy and protection to your Louvre Roof System
  • The blade can be opened and closed.
  • Creates a versatile outdoor living space
  • Low maintenance and easy to install
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wind Resistance: 75 km/h


  • Colour: Black/White/Charcoal
  • Material: aluminum
  • Coating Thickness: 80 - 120um (0.08 - 0.12mm)
  • Aluminium Grade: 6063-T5
  • Louvre: 90x12x1.2mm

  • Top Beam: 64x19x1.5mm
  • Bottom Beam: 64x19x1.5mm
  • Mid Post: 50x50x2mm
  • Packaging Material: Carton

Package Contents:

  • 1x Louvre Aluminium Shutter Wall 
  • 1x Instruction Manual

PLEASE NOTE: Only one Louvre Shutter Wall is included, to purchase multiple Louvre Shutter Walls please add extra units to your cart, or call our friendly team for assistance.

Click to downloadinstallation manual

Suitable pergola Size
To complete a full wall of Pieces
Shutter Wall Size(m)
Package size (mm)
Package weight (kg)
Black White Charcoal
PO19643-2 PO19644-2 PO20681-2 2-metre sides of the 2x2 Wall mounted pergola 2 0.853*2.652 Package 1:800*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19645-2 PO19646-2 PO20682-2 4-metre sides of the 4x2,4x3, 8x3Wall mounted pergola 3 1.2*2.652 Package 1:1150*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19647-2 PO19648-2 PO20683-2 2.5-metre sides of the 2.5x2.5,5x3Wall mounted pergola 3 0.74*2.652 Package 1:700*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19649-2 PO19650-2 PO20684-2 5-metre sides of the 5×2 Wall mounted pergola 4 1.152*2.652 Package 1:1100*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19651-2 PO19652-2 PO20685-2 3-metre sides of the 3x2,3x3,4x3,5x3,6x2,
6x3,7x3,8x3,7x3Wall mounted pergola
3 0.852*2.652 Package 1:800*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19653-2 PO19654-2 PO20686-2 7-metre sides of the 7×3 Wall mounted pergola 6 1.042*2.652 Package 1:990*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19655-2 PO19656-2 PO20687-2 to wall 2m side 2 0.908*2.652 Package 1:860*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140
PO19657-2 PO19658-2 PO20688-2 to wall 3m side 3 0.891*2.652 Package 1:840*220*240
Package 2:2900*130*140

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Which Pergola is for me?

Choosing the right pergola depends on your location and needs. For sheltered inland areas, the Baltic model offers affordability and sufficient strength. In moderate to high wind areas, the Tasman model provides a robust balance of durability and size options. For windy coastal regions, the Pacific model delivers maximum strength and durability to withstand the harshest conditions.

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Price (starting from)




Available Sizes

2x2m to 8x3m

5x3m to 8x4m

4x4m to 6x4m

Wind Resistance

100-110 km/h

170-200 km/h

170-220 km/h

Ideal Location

Sheltered Inland Neighborhood

Moderate to High Wind Areas

Windy Coastal Areas

Key Advantages

Affordable, good for moderate climates

High strength

Maximum strength and durability


Less suitable for extreme conditions

More expensive, but robust

Highest price, ultimate durability


Pergola 10 years, motor 3 years

Pergola 10 years, motor 3 years

Pergola 10 years, motor 3 years

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